Saturday, April 28, 2012

OIL of coconut milk

The oil in coconut oil are in the form of an emulsion of water with proteins as emulsion stabilizers. Water as a dispersing and oil as the dispersed phase. In the system water-oil emulsions, protein beads wrapped with a thin layer of oil so that these items can not be joined into one continuous phase. Beads of oil can be joined into one continuous phase if the system is broken emulsion in a way damaging proteins for packaging oil beads.

  In the food industry, milk is an important role both as a source of nutrition, the addition of aroma, taste, flavor and improved texture of foodstuffs containing compounds nonylmethylketon olahan.Santan results, with high temperatures will cause to be volatile and cause odors that enak.Mengekstraksi can coconut milk extortion done by hand and do filtering. Pemarutan is a preliminary step in obtaining a saint. Pemarutan aims to destroy and damage the pulp tissue containing coconut milk so easily out of the network. Extortion by using hands to put pressure on the grated coconut and forced out of jaringan.Santan be destabilized by some destabilization mechanisms are:

1.Pembentukan cream and sedimentation caused by the force of gravity on the phases of different density.

2.Flokulasi or grouping (clutering), after flocculation, fat globula move as a group rather than individuals. Flocculation does not involve damage to the thin layer between the surface, which normally surrounds the objec globula respectively, and thus do not involve changes in the size of the original globula. Electrostatic charge is not enough on the surface is a major cause flocculation.

3.Koalesensi (coalescence) involving rupture of a thin layer between the surface-globula globula incorporation, and a decrease in surface area between

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